International dimension
For the international workshops also experts from outside Europe will be invited. Among the list of people outside Europe to be invited are:

  • Scott Denning (Colorado State Univ, USA; coordinator of the North American Carbon Program research consortium)
  • Ken Davis (Pennsylvia State Univ, USA)
  • Ken Masarie (NOAA ESRL, USA; Globalview project leader)
  • Arlyn Andrews (NOAA ESRL; Tall Tower project leader)
  • Ed Dlugokencky (NOAA ESRL, USA; non-CO2 observations expert)
  • Doug Worthy (Meteorological Service of Canada; atmospheric obs. expert)
  • Ron Prinn (MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA; global inverse modelling of GHG's; project leader of the AGAGE program)

The costs for the participation of these international experts will be very limited and are part of the budget for activity 2.

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