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Dear collegues,

Lots of good news for TTorch: the number of confirmed particpants has grown substantially. But:
the deadline for submission of the TTorch proposal is nearing:

Deadline: 30 October 2007; 16.00hrs CET

The interactive activity on the wiki site for editing the proposal has been quite low, which can mean two things: the proposal is already quite ok for most of you OR everyone is too busy to look at it and put some work in it. For the moment I am tempted to accept both reasons with the same likeliness and refuse to think of other possibilities. For those who contributed: Thank you!
This evening I went through the proposal once more and incorporated some changes that were due to the changes in the field in the last year with emerging projects like ICOS and the even more uncertain funding situation for the next years. Also I tried to broaden the communication part as a response to last year's review, I just realised this should get back in the budget as well, 15% is normal for communication these days I think, currently we have 10%. Another issue tackled is the database on which I had some discussion with LSCE.

This is now your last chance to contribute to the possibilities for success of the proposal by incorporating your improvements in the proposal within the next three days ( or ). I wil freeze the wiki proposal text at Monday morning October 29 at 12:00 CEST.
Please keep in mind that the complete proposal should be very terse, 14 pages A4 maximum, and the body text part can only contain 3000 words. Some pages are obligatory like title and CV's so space is really tight. If you can come up with more clear and shorter sentences, you're welcome!

Best regards,

Alex Vermeulen

Alex Vermeulen (ten.ekeil|xela#ten.ekeil|xela)

Hi all,

I think the proposal looks fine. I just edited the abstract slightly by removing some passive words.



Re: Welcome to the forum! by ALindrothALindroth, 16 Oct 2007 06:37

Well, the title says it all,


Alex Vermeulen (ten.ekeil|xela#ten.ekeil|xela)

Welcome to the forum! by AlexVAlexV, 26 Sep 2007 12:20
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