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Proposal for the ESF Research Networking Programmes:

TTORCH – Tall TOwer and surface Research Network for verification of Climate relevant emissions of Human origin in Europe

Standing Committee: LESC
Name and full coordinates of principal applicant(s):

1. Alex Vermeulen (contact person)
ECN, Westerduinweg 3, 1755 LE Petten (NL)
Tel +31-224-564194
Fax +31-224-568488
Email ln.nce|neluemrev.a#ln.nce|neluemrev.a

2. Anders Lindroth
Department of Physical geography and Ecosystems Analysis
Lund University, Sölvegatan 12, 223 62 Lund (S)
Tel: +46 46 2220474
Fax: +46 46 2224011
Email es.ul.oketan|htordnil.sredna#es.ul.oketan|htordnil.sredna

3. Martin Heimann
MPI-BGC, Hans-Knöll-Straße 10, D-07745 Jena (D)
Tel +49-3641-576350
Fax +49-3641-576301
Email ed.gpm.anej-cgb|nnamieh.nitram#ed.gpm.anej-cgb|nnamieh.nitram

Climate Change; Earth System Observations; Greenhouse gases; Emission Verification; Inverse methods

Observations of the long lived non-CO2 greenhouse gases and related tracers are an essential part of the Earth System Observation system. The combination of atmospheric observations and inverse atmospheric transport models will enable us to detect trends in concentrations and emissions, take up the challenge to validate the emission estimates of these gases of natural and antropogenic sources for large areas of Europe (independently checking the Kyoto protocol and beyond) and to test process based emission models.
In TTORCH we will strengthen the further integration of the network of observatories of these gases and related tracers in Europe to an observational system of high consistency, quality and precision, while taking care of coordinating carefully with the developments in the ICOS project. Extension to the more Eastern part of Europe is needed. TTORCH will contribute by preparing and helping in building of the necessary infrastructure and will aid in the capacity building of (young) scientists in that part of Europe.
TTORCH will provide the framework to continue the development and improvement of the network and prepare the extension to other parts of Europe. The TTORCH network will work as the basis for defining and building new projects.
In TTORCH we will bring together the observed concentration data in a uniform database. We will organise 1-2 joint international workshops per year to bring together the participants including the observation and modelling communities from within and outside Europe.
Exchange of young scientists and students between observation sites and modelling groups will be an important tool for capacity building.
Another important task of TTORCH is the setup and implementation of joint papers with measurement and modelling work.
Every two years the TTORCH network will organise a summer school on measurements techniques, the interpretation of data series, data selection and the use of data in mesoscale and long range transport modelling.

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