The links to European research and the international dimension of TTORCH
Links of TTORCH to international programs are numerous. The CE-IP and CHIOTTO tall towers (in the Netherlands, U.K., Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Hungary and Poland) and quite some continuous surface base sites are now part of the Atmosphere component of CarboEurope-IP, though the focus is here on CO2 observations. Recently started programs which use the CO2 observations of these sites are the GEOMON IP and the IMECC infrastructure project.
Most of the towers (will) submit their data to the WMO GAW (Global Atmospheric Watch) database. All towers also submit data to the NOAA ESRL Globalview database.
At many sites also observations exist of atmospheric Hydrogen in the framework of the EUROHYDROS project (FP6, I3).
Another observation network of halogenated Greenhouse gases in Europe is SOGE (funded in FP-5), and its successor (SOGE-A, SOG Europe and Asia, funded in FP-6) with 4 ground-based measurement sites in Europe (Mace Head (Ireland), Jungfraujoch (Switzerland), Monte Cimone (Italy), Zeppelin (Ny Alensund, Norwegian Arctic), see SOGE is strongly affiliated with the long-term global AGAGE network, adding to the international dimension (see
The continuous measurements of CH4 and N2O will be used in the NitroEurope-IP inverse modelling work package, however again no funding for support of the measurements or coordination of the measurements is foreseen here.
The ICOS infrastructure project ( entered its preparatory phase. ICOS will start to build in the next four years a network for observing greenhouse gases over Europe and adjacent regions. The TTorch network will coordinate to follow closely the developments within the beforementioned projects, as most partners are involved quite heavily in one or more of these projects.

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