Minutes of the first Steering Committe meeting

TTorch Research Networking programme

Strasbourg, Monday 30th March 2009

Didier Hauglustaine – ESF Science Officer
Anne Garel – ESF Liason Officer
Stephan Henne – Swiss National Science Foundation – CH (EMPA)
Georg Hansen – Research Council of Norway – N (NILU)
Ivan Mammarella – Academy of Finland RCNSE – FI (Uni Hels)
Josep Anton Morgui – Ministerio de Cienca e Innovación - SP (PCB)
Anders Lindroth – Formas Vetenskapsrädet – S (ULUND)
Petra Seibert – Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung – AT (BOKU)
Alex Vermeulen – Nederlandse organisatie voor NatuurWetenschappelijk Onderzoek – NL (ECN)
Martina Schmidt – F (LSCE)
Elena Popa – NL (ECN)

Absent with notice:
Martin Heimann – Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft – D (MPI-BGC)

1. Short introduction round of the member of the committee. Ivan Mamarella is deputy for Timo Vesala, Stephan Henne is deputy for Dominik Brunner. Martina Schmidt represents France which is in the process of supporting TTorch and her institute plans to take care of the database work. Elena Popa is present as candidate Programme Coordinator (PC).

2. The proposed agenda is adopted with one change: added point 9d: Data use policy discussion

3. Short introduction by Didier Haugustaine on ESF in general and the RNP in particular. RNP’s are self supporting and self decision making. The Steering Committee is responsible for this. The RNP is open to participants from any country but support is in first principle limited to members from participating countries. Yearly reporting by chair to ESF, Mid-term review is very important (go/nogo), and final report.
Some examples of other RNP’s are INTROP, NinE, MOLTER and VOCBAS. ESF will only be present at this first SC meeting, further at least 1 SC meeting per year, preferably combined with other meetings/activities. TTorch has just enough support from member organisations to get started, acquiring more support (by networking of the SC and participants) is encouraged. SC has 1 member per supporting member organisation, chair is choosen from members (see 6) . Suggestions are to contact in Italy Roberto Santeguida from CNR (station Lampedusa) and in UK Paul Monks (<-action AV). Other opportunities seen in Estonia and Romania.

4. Point by point summary of ESF guidelines on RNP’s by Anne Garel. Support (a la carte) for travel and SC meetings, not man hours (exception: eventual program coordinator) or equipment . Furthermore communication materials, web-site costs etc. Open calls for proposals for exchange visit grants, short (week) and long (months). Sub-committees of SC can do tasks like Open Call proposal evaluation. Web-site through ESF, but own web-site is possible, calls through ESF site (can be linked to from own web-site).

5.Presentation of the background of TTorch and plans (see proposal text)

6. DH stresses importance of at least annual attendance of all SC members for legitimation to supporting member organisations, replacements only allowed in exceptional cases. As chair is elected unanimously Alex Vermeulen.

7. Ideas for workshops, co-finance:
- Network design with modellers and measurement experts (joint ICOS) (oct 09?)
- Alpine observation workshop (EMPA, June 2010)
- Trends in the free troposphere (EMPA)

Summer Schools, organising committee is Anders, Josep and Elena+ host:
Possible locations: SMEAR station (FI); Barcelona (ES) in 2013; EMPA (CH). (action->Stephan and Josep investigate possibilities).
First summer school September 2011, target PhD students
Subject suggestion: Advances in measurement techniques and data treatment
Followed by a general (joint TTORCH/ICOS) two day workshop with the same topic.
Morning lectures, afternoon practical work. Duration: 1 week. 30-50 participants

Ideas for Calls: (action->) EP will make general call for proposal for exchange grants, based on examples of other RNP’s , in later phase we will possibly make more specific call. Now target inexperienced labs (eastern Europe). Call text will be for review of SC on wiki. Evaluation committee: AV, AL, PS.

Example interactive database: www.necc.nu

8. As ESF decided that the contribution from RNP to ESF should be almost doubled the 1st year (2009), budget should be revised. It is decided to have the budget as follows:
SC meetings: 4500
Workshops: 10000
Exchange grants: 25000
Dissemination: 6000
Contrib to ESF 13500
Database 6500
Coordination 25000
Total 90050
Budget is indicative, funding is à la carte and depends on e.g. speed of spending in call for proposals and its evaluation and startup phase delays are possible; this will lead to a bigger reserve for later, no budget is lost at year boundaries. Problems can arise only with serious underspending after 1st year period.
AV proposes to install Elena Popa as Programme Coordinator at ECN as contact point and for the daily work in support of TTorch. This proposal is accepted. (action->) AG will work out the PC contractual details between ESF and ECN.

9a Publications:
Each RNP should produce introductory leaflet (1000 copies) within first 6 months (->action PC) in ESF prescribed style.
9b: Web-site :
(action->) PC and AV will extend and set up web-site and wiki and develop logo, document, presentation and poster style, mail list (general+SC, possibly through wiki forum).
9c: Dissemination:
Handouts and posters will be made for :
EGU Vienna April 09 (action-> EP+PS)
WMO GAW geneva meeting May 09 (action-> EP)
UNFCCC conference June Geneva?
Non-CO2 conference Wageningen, June 09 (action-> AV, EP)
ICDC7, Jena, Sep 09 (action-> AV, EP)
AGU Fall meeting, December 09, SF (action-> AV)
Information letter will go out with request to post on general mail-list to projects: GAW, GEOMON, IMECC, CarboEurope-IP, ICOS (with excuses for duplications) (action->EP)
9d: Data policy. This is a delicate subject that has to be treated carefully. All data submissions will be voluntarily and data use policy will be very similar to agreements like that in CarboEurope. The data will not be available publicly during or after the project and is only accessible to participants. Use of the data will require notification and permission of the data owner and acknowledgements and/or co-authorship on any publications where the data were used has to be offered. (action-> AV, LR). The Chair and database manager will adopt/write a data use policy that will be discussed on the next SC meeting. Concerning data formats the suggestion is to stay with the CarboEurope/GAW/CMDL ASCII format.

Letter should go out to all (potential) participants to join through wiki, subscribe to maillist, add metadata of measurement stations (action-> AV, EP)

Next (subgroup-)SC meeting in connection to ICDC (Jena, Sep 09). Annual meeting SC in January (preliminary date) 2010, common with the IMECC / GEOmon meeting in London (preliminary location).

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