Objectives of the programme
  • Help to ensure the quality and inter-comparability of the atmospheric observations
  • Enhance the data coverage and optimise the cost of operation of the high precision measurements
  • Build the capacity of students and young scientists on the area of atmospheric sampling and modelling of non-CO2 greenhouse gases by organising the first summer schools ever on this subject
  • Exchange of observational data by submission to a common database shared with related projects
  • Exchange of personnel ((young) scientists) between the facilities, sharing data, calibration and measurement equipment
  • Interface with the (inverse) modelling community to ensure a better fit between the models and the observations
  • Communicate the observation results and fluxes through scientific workshops and to policy forums
  • Coordinate the joint publications integrating the common and unique observational features of the different sites
  • Connect to the world wide observational (Tall Tower) network (NOAA ESRL, CSIRO, NIES)
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